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Sr. Does

We have been doing Linear Appraisal for a few years and as of 2014 we are a member of the ADGA PLUS program doing not only Linear Appraisal but also DHIR 305 day milk test and DNA testing. So look forward to milk test results on all our does. 

We are adding a page for each doe as we have time. On their own page is where udder shots and more info on them can be found. 

CH Caesar's Villa P Faith
DOB 2-22-05 
2014 LA VEEV 89                 
6-21-14 Grand Champ Sr  and Best in Show       
6-28-14 Grand Champ Sr and Champ Challenge winner
7-26-14 Grand Champ Sr doe earning her 3rd leg

CH Howling Hill Thalassa *D
DOB 4-30-2009      triplet
2014 LA  EEEV 90
8-10-13 Grand Champ Sr 
8-3-14 Grand Champ Sr and Best in Breed
8-9-14 Grand Champ Sr and Best in Breed

Howling Hill Marigold                             
2014LA EEVV90
7-13-14 Grand Champ Sr & Best of Breed
8-9-14 Grand Champ Sr & Best of Breed

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Jay Walker *S
SS:Springs Run Merry Brandybuck +S
SD:Old Mountain Farm Anna Jarvis 2*D E AR1879
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Minerva
DS:Many Tracks All That Jazz
DD:Old Mountain Farm Minnie Meg

Howling Hill Janus      


Caesar's Villa Ellie Anne

Freedom Star DEV Defiance

Freedom Star T' Cazper Swirl
1x Reserve Grand Champion Jr Doe @ Summer Sizzler 2013
Sire: Avian Acres YS Trompe L'Oiel
Dam: Freedom Star Vanilla Swirl

2014LA VVV+87
Sire: MCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo *S
SS: Doe-Sy-Doe FS Storm Warning *S
SD: ARMCH Rosasharn Unagi 4*D E AR 1784
Dam: Rosasharn SS Mi Corazon
DS: Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol *S
DD: ARMCH Rosasharn's Guadalupe Moteada 3*D E 

Phoenix Farm LadyoftheLake
DOB 5-31-13
Sire: Sugar Creek SV Excalibur
Dam: MI Sugarcreek MT Gina's Tina 3*M AR

RM Farms MB  Flash Dance        

Sire: Indigo Kids Nels Matavai Bay
SS: Fairlea Fletcher Christian
SD: Sugar Creek MT Nellie 2*D AR 1673
Dam: Dragonfly R Tournament of Rose
DS: Caesar's Villa Rebel Yell *S
DD: Dragonfly IH Carnivale

Dreahook Luna Lovegood               2013 LA VVV+85          

*Photo courtesy of Dreahook Farm*
Sire: MCH Pocket Sized NN Blue Rio
SS: Gay-Mor's LT Blue Nick Nolte +*S
SD: MCH Gay-Mor's Al's Jersey Too
Dam: MCH Dreahook Rainbow Rhapsody
DS: MCH Gay-Mor's gNat's Winged Pegasus E
DD: CornerStone Farm Talitha Cumi

Freedom Star Special Delivery
DOB 9-11-11
Sire: Minis Casper
Dam: 4 Fun Special Edition
{Sire: Kaapio Acre's RA Whiskey Blues AI *S
SS:Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S
SD:Woodhaven Farms Moon Dancer *D E AR1690
Dam: ARMCH 4 Fun Southern Pride 3*D E AR1712
DS:Stonewall's Palliser +*S VG
DD:ARMCH Enchanted Hill Frosted Angel 2*D E AR1556 }


Enchanted Hill JP Moon Shadow  

Sire: Little Tot Estate Joe-Pye
SS: Kapio Acres KK Chief Justice
SD: Brush Creek Faithful
Dam: Enchanted Hill Luna C
DS: Enchanted Hill Spring Thaw
DD: Gay-Mor E H Jasmine

Mini Miracles Latte

Sire: Tiny Town Bucky
SS: NC PromisedLand SIA Samurai
SD: Tiny Town Blue Bayou
Dam: NC PromisedLand Honey "B"
DS: MCH PromisedLand S Mel Gibson +S VG
DD: NC PromisedLand HS Bizzie 4*D AR1954


Chocolate one of our first two goats.
Her lineage is unknown. We never received the papers we were promised by the breeder :(
We do have her registered as Native On Appearance with the NMGA. Her kids will carry NMGA papers only. We will not sell buck kids from her; only does and wethers. 


If interested in reserving a kid from our current or future breedings you can place deposits on the reservation page. 

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