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Senior Does

We have been doing Linear Appraisal for a few years and are in our 2nd year as a member of the ADGA PLUS program doing not only Linear Appraisal but also DHIR 305 day milk test and DNA testing. As they finish a certified lactation look for milk test results on all our does. 

We are adding a page for each doe as we have time. On their own page is where udder shots and more info on them can be found. 

CH Caesar's Villa P Faith
DOB 2-22-05 
2014 LA VEEV 89                 
6-21-14 Grand Champ Sr  and Best in Show       
6-28-14 Grand Champ Sr and Champ Challenge winner
7-26-14 Grand Champ Sr doe earning her 3rd leg

CH Howling Hill Thalassa *D
DOB 4-30-2009      triplet
2014 LA  EEEV 90
8-10-13 Grand Champ Sr 
8-3-14 Grand Champ Sr and Best in Breed
8-9-14 Grand Champ Sr and Best in Breed

Howling Hill Marigold 1*M                         
2014LA EEVV90
7-13-14 Grand Champ Sr & Best of Breed
8-9-14 Grand Champ Sr & Best of Breed

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Jay Walker *S
SS:Springs Run Merry Brandybuck +S
SD:Old Mountain Farm Anna Jarvis 2*D E AR1879
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Minerva
DS:Many Tracks All That Jazz
DD:Old Mountain Farm Minnie Meg



Caesar's Villa Ellie Anne

Freedom Star DEV Defiance

Freedom Star T' Cazper Swirl
1x Reserve Grand Champion Jr Doe @ Summer Sizzler 2013
2013 ANDDA All American Jr Doe

Sire: Avian Acres YS Trompe L'Oiel
Dam: Freedom Star Vanilla Swirl

2014LA VVV+87
Sire: MCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo *S
SS: Doe-Sy-Doe FS Storm Warning *S
SD: ARMCH Rosasharn Unagi 4*D E AR 1784
Dam: Rosasharn SS Mi Corazon
DS: Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol *S
DD: ARMCH Rosasharn's Guadalupe Moteada 3*D E 

Phoenix Farm LadyoftheLake
DOB 5-31-13
Sire: Sugar Creek SV Excalibur
Dam: MI Sugarcreek MT Gina's Tina 3*M AR

RM Farms MB  Flash Dance        

Sire: Indigo Kids Nels Matavai Bay
SS: Fairlea Fletcher Christian
SD: Sugar Creek MT Nellie 2*D AR 1673
Dam: Dragonfly R Tournament of Rose
DS: Caesar's Villa Rebel Yell *S
DD: Dragonfly IH Carnivale

Dreahook Luna Lovegood               2013 LA VVV+85          

*Photo courtesy of Dreahook Farm*
Sire: MCH Pocket Sized NN Blue Rio
SS: Gay-Mor's LT Blue Nick Nolte +*S
SD: MCH Gay-Mor's Al's Jersey Too
Dam: MCH Dreahook Rainbow Rhapsody
DS: MCH Gay-Mor's gNat's Winged Pegasus E
DD: CornerStone Farm Talitha Cumi

Freedom Star Special Delivery
DOB 9-11-11
Sire: Minis Casper
Dam: 4 Fun Special Edition
{Sire: Kaapio Acre's RA Whiskey Blues AI *S
SS:Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S
SD:Woodhaven Farms Moon Dancer *D E AR1690
Dam: ARMCH 4 Fun Southern Pride 3*D E AR1712
DS:Stonewall's Palliser +*S VG
DD:ARMCH Enchanted Hill Frosted Angel 2*D E AR1556 }


Enchanted Hill JP Moon Shadow  

Sire: Little Tot Estate Joe-Pye
SS: Kapio Acres KK Chief Justice
SD: Brush Creek Faithful
Dam: Enchanted Hill Luna C
DS: Enchanted Hill Spring Thaw
DD: Gay-Mor E H Jasmine

Mini Miracles Latte

Sire: Tiny Town Bucky
SS: NC PromisedLand SIA Samurai
SD: Tiny Town Blue Bayou
Dam: NC PromisedLand Honey "B"
DS: MCH PromisedLand S Mel Gibson +S VG
DD: NC PromisedLand HS Bizzie 4*D AR1954


Chocolate one of our first two goats.
Her lineage is unknown. We never received the papers we were promised by the breeder :(
We do have her registered as Native On Appearance with the NMGA. Her kids will carry NMGA papers only. We will not sell buck kids from her; only does and wethers. 


If interested in reserving a kid from our current or future breedings you can place deposits on the reservation page. 

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